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Experience the Replique Difference!

Free Consultations.

Over 100 Colours to Choose From.

Express Fittings (we get in done in hours, not months!)

Human Remy Hair, Hand Made Systems.

From $800

Say good bye to the days of an old fashioned toupee, these hair patches, or hair pieces are fully bonded to the scalp for up to 30 days.

Sleep, Swim and Gym In Them! Mens Hair Pieces are a Game Changer!


Our business is owned and operated by Wayne Arthur, a great guy who has been wearing hair pieces for over 30 years. Lace front, breathable, skin, Wayne has tried all different types of hair pieces and understands his clients needs for a discreet, lightweight and modern hair piece base.


We are fast! We stock dozens of hairpieces in many colours and customise in house. Instead of waiting months, we take hours. At the fitting we customise the hairpiece to each clients  male pattern baldness area, bond it to the scalp and do an amazing haircut. 


"Will My Hair Piece Come off" this is possibly the most frequent question we get in our Melbourne location, when Wayne is doing his consultations. 

The hair pieces are adhered to the scalp for uptown 30 days, with a special double sided hair piece tape and with hair piece glue. 

We have been doing mens hair systems for many years and have tried all sorts of adhesive systems and understand how important it is to get a bond that is long lasting and secure, especially in the hot Melbourne Summers. 

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Want to see how a Second Skin Hairpiece can give you back the appearance of a full head of hair again? Contact Male Hair Loss Clinic Victoria. 

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