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Mens Hair Patch FAQ

How is a Mens Hair Piece different to a Wig, Hair Transplant or other Hair Loss Solutions? 

There are a lot of different hair loss solution available in Melbourne. We focus on replacing hair that has been lost, with a hair unit, or hair piece that is bonded to the scalp for approximately 30 days. This is different to a wig, that is designed to cover the entire scalp from the hairline to the nape of the neck, and to the ears.


A hairpiece is made for the hairline to the back of the crown, or bald spot. Only focussing on the Male Pattern Baldness are.

A hair transplant simply moves hair from one part of the scalp to another part. A FUE hair transplant wont make hair grow. We focus on hair replacement, fulling in the area that has been lost. 

I sweat a lot on Melbourne Summers, is this a problem? 

 In Australia in Summer it gets HOT! The more you sweat, the more oily the scalp then the quicker the bond will break down. 


Many Hair Loss salons use Walkers Great White and Ultra Hold Glue to bond to the hairpieces, these were fantastic but we found in summer they broke down more quickly than we wanted.  To avoid this we introduced a very strong dry tape, that last most clients 4 weeks. Most men actually sweat through their forehead and hairline, rather than the top of the crown, so some clients peel their hair piece back and clean off any glue residue and then use a thin even layer of glue to rebodn the hairline that has been affected by sweat. 

Im going grey at the sides, can you make a hair system to match my hair colour?

Traditionally a client will need to come to a mens hair loss or hair replacement salon, have their male pattern baldness area measure and their hair colour sampled, then their information is sent to an overseas manufacturer and a hairpiece is made and delivered in approximately 4 to 6 months time. 

Traditionally when a man goes grey he has a stronger percentage of grey at the temples, or in front of the ears, with less grey hair at the hairline, top and back of the scalp. For men with male pattern baldness it is difficult to determine exactly what their colour range is because they shave their hair. So we either match the hair at the temples or the darker hair, that is less grey, at the back of the scalp.  

We are always consultative with our clients and work with them on their preferred hair colour. Wayne, the owner of , has a 40% grey in his hair piece and so coming to his studio for a free consultation is a great way to see his grey blend and  to discuss what grey blend we can do for your hair system. 

Ive used Glue to adhere a hairpiece before and it was messy, what bonding system do you use?

Glue, tape, clips, knots... there are so many different ways to adhere or bond a hairpiece to.a scalp. Perhaps what sets a toupee apart from a hair patch or hair piece is the bonding system. 

Traditionally toupees were clipped in to the hair and removed each night. this didn't give a very secure bond and left guys worrying about the stability of their hair piece. 

Many of our client's still prefer to use Wlakers Great White or Ultra Hold for their bonds, but we introduced a very strong and dry tape to combat the break down of the adhesive in warmer weather. One of the advantages of wearing a mens hair piece with tape as opposed to the glue, is the clean up process. When you remove a hairpiece with glue, half of the glue remains on the scalp, and the other half on the hairpiece. Where as when you remove a hairpiece that is only bonded with tape, all of the tape comes off easily with the hairpiece, saving time for the client in the clean up process. 

How often can I wash my hair piece?

The more you wash, dry and comb your hair, the quicker it will deteriorate. We wash our own biological hair because the oils produced can make it dirty, but a hair system or hair unit doesn't product oils and so doesn't need to be washed as frequently.

Many shampoos can actually be very abrasive to the hair and so we recommend avoiding shampoo and only washing with conditioner. How often you wash is up to you, but we want our client s hair units to last as long as possible so recommend just washing once a week in the shower. 

I surf in Melbourne, can I still do this when wearing a hair patch?

Many of our clients live in the coastal areas of Melbourne, Victoria, Brisbane and Sydney and so travel to surf beaches to enjoy surfing. While getting a hairpiece is amazing and can be life changing, we dont think you need to change your social activities to facilitiate wearing a hair system. but we encourage of guys to be mindful of the hairpiece and to adhere to recommendations to help make it last as long as possible. 

Salt water and chlorinated water can both be very corrosive and  can deteriorate a hairpiece, so we encourage our clients to wash their hair with conditioner as quickly as possible. to avoid the salt water or chlorine from damaging the hair. 

The bond is ultimately the clients responsibility, and we recommend checking your bond carefully before going for a swim or surf to make sure it is secure. 

I live in a hat, can I till wear one with a hairpiece?

A hat or cap is possible the world's most popular hair loss solution! exceeding hair transplants, Scalp Micropigmentation and hair units in their adaption to disguise male pattern baldness.


Going from thinning hair to the best hair of their lives is a challenge for many clients and so we encourage them to continue wearing a cap for several reasons. one is that a hat will flatten down the hairpiece, and make it more lived in.


The other reason is that the client might feel more comfortable if they are used to wearing a hat and having an amazing head of hair can invite some unwelcome questions.


Wearing a hat or cap can create some damage to a hair system, if you dont look after it. The fabric of the hat can rub against the hairpiece and create friction. This can cause knots or tangles and can shorten the lifespan of the hairpiece. .


To remedy this we recommend adding oils to help keep the hair supple. replique have a range of hair care products, including Argan oil and Leave in Conditioner. many clients use a few drops of the Argan Oil each night and then a mist of the Leave In conditioner each morning and then comb gently throgh the hair to heelkp it soft and supple.   

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