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Mens Hair Systems Melbourne

We are determined to make many hair pieces as fashionable and socially acceptable as woman's hair extensions. 

Traditionally a man would need to go to a hair replacement clinic and have a template measured then a hair sample taken and wait months for a hair piece to arrive. 

. Much the same way that a woman could go to a salon, choose her hair extensions colour then have them installed, we popularised the concept behind in house hair system customisations. 

Instead of taking months we are able to match your density and colour and normally have a transformation within days or weeks of your initial contact.

So whats the process?

Wayne and Michael are amazing guys with a proven track record in delivering natural looking but affordable hair replacement options.

The first step is to contact us by phone or text, or make an appointment for a free consolation online.

At the consultation we take our time to show you how natural the hairlines look, how strong the bonds are. We do a patch test and show you the different densities and colours available. 

Our hairpieces are made with a poly base that is the most modern available, we are able to customise and fit it within one session, so we don't need to take measurements at the consultation stage.

Owner , Wayne, has been wearing hair systems for many years and fully understands how important it is to offer an affordable and natural looking hair loss solution.

We offer three different hair densities, 100%, 120% and 130%.

Many hair system companies online have fantastic videos on Youtube and other social media featuring 100% density hair units. these look fantastic but don't have a great shelf life, so Wayne and Michael prefer to use 120% and 130% density hair pieces.

in fact most guiys on our website and sociual media are wearing 120% density, they last on average 6 to 12 months but have very natural looking hairlines.

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Want to see how a Melbourne Second Skin Hairpiece can give you back the appearance of a full head of hair again? 

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